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Accident Free 2015

LADCO places a lot of importance on being a company people can turn to for high quality HVAC products and services.  Just as important as getting the job done right is making sure the job can be completed safely. 

In the time it takes to give a 10 minute safety speech, two U.S. workers will lose their lives (National Safety Council "Injury Facts 2011").  In just a year's time, around 3.1 million occupational injuries are reported (

At LADCO we take safety very seriously and it shows.  We are proud to be able to say that we had an accident free 2015!  Our employees do the training and follow the safety policies that keep them out of harm's way.  It's been over 180,000 hours since our last occupational accident and counting. 

Placing worker safety at the top of our priorities is one more reason you can count on us for your HVAC and industrial sheet metal needs.

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