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LADCO Customer Service

Every Customer Is Our Most Important Customer.

There’s really only one way to back up that claim: Approach every customer encounter as though it will have its own unique set of expectations and challenges.

At LADCO, that’s just what we do, making sure to ask the right questions in the right way then listen carefully to your answers.

What are you really hoping to accomplish? Do you have any serious concerns?  What will it take to make you another one of our many satisfied customers?

Only after hearing what you need do we make a recommendation that addresses each challenge. And once we offer that recommendation, we follow through every step of the way. 


I'm thinking of replacing my air conditioner, but my current one seems to run a lot. Does that mean it's undersized?

Not necessarily.  If your air conditioner runs for long periods of time and keeps your home cool, it's probably sized just right.  The more your unit runs, the more humidity it takes out of the air.  It also helps it last longer because like a car, consistant running, as opposed to starting and stopping all the time, is easier on it.  It also saves energy because the biggest electrical draw an a/c has is when it starts up.

Now if the air conditioner is running all of the time, but not cooling your home, that means that the unit is in need of service or is too small.  On the other hand, if the unit seems to run for a little bit, shut down, and then run for a little bit again, it's probably too big.  Being home comfort experts, we can do a load calculation on your home to make sure the equipment is sized just right.

Why does it matter if the circuit breaker for the air conditioner is over sized?

It's important for safety and maintenance reasons.  If the unit were to over draw and breaker didn't trip, it could cause wiring and other components of the air conditioner to burn up.  

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