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As Project Manager for Hometown Plumbing and Heating, I am writing this to compliment Ladco, Inc. on their professionalism, craftsmanship, and expertise performing work as the HVAC subcontractor for the Iowa City Community School District’s new Liberty High School project.

The project consisted of 750+ RFI’s, which means obstacles and revisions were part of the daily routine. In order to stay on schedule, the project demanded extensive coordination, attention to detail, and ability to make adjustments during the installation process. Ladco, Inc. performed adequately in all of the aforementioned areas. Ladco’s CAD specialist worked with fire sprinkler, electrical, structural, and mechanical piping to develop a fully coordinated 3D CAD model that was utilized extensively by the design and construction teams throughout the two-year construction process.

Hometown Plumbing and Heating would like to thank Ladco, Inc. for their exceptional role in helping to make the project a resounding success. We look forward to our collaboration on future projects.


As General Contractors, we are entrusted to assemble the right team to get the job completed on time and within budget.  While overall costs are always important, cost alone is not the only factor we use when selecting the team.  Equally important to cost is a company’s professionalism, knowledge and experience.  We have worked with LADCO on previous projects and have been extremely pleased with the results as have our clients.

BBL Construction Services, LLC -

This is a testimonial about the Aeroseal product sold by Ladco Corporation. I was very happy with the results and I would like to share my experience with you.

In the spring of 2014 I started shopping for a new home air conditioner. My old unit was 34-years-old and I knew it was a matter of time before it broke down, most likely on the hottest day of the year. 

Over the years I had priced A/C units with other installers but always kept Ladco at the top of my list. I had them install my furnace a few years earlier and I knew they only carried quality merchandise with experienced technicians.

Aaron Hamilton came out in January to give me an estimate. After making the appropriate measurements we sat down to talk price. One of the first things he brought up was Aeroseal and how it could save me money. I really was not interested in it I thought it was another expense and quickly dismissed the idea. After discussing what A/C units would cost and giving me an idea of what kind of rebates I was looking at Aaron brought up the Aeroseal once again. I still was not interested in hearing about another expense thinking it was an unnecessary but I did hear him out. He explained that they pressurize your ductwork to see what kind of loss you have then a sealant goes in and closes any cracks to make your system tight. I thought it sounded great but I could not afford to pay a lot extra.

What finally won me over was the rebate that the energy company offered on the procedure. My contribution was within my budget so I agreed.

I was not home while the actual work was done in February, however; I noticed the effect immediately when I returned home that night. My house was toasty warm in all the rooms. Even a front room with a large window that was always cold was warm.  Aaron later told me I had some cold air intakes that were not connected at all and forced air vents that were closed causing uneven heating and cooling.

I was given a graph of how my furnace and A/C performed prior to the Aeroseal and then after. The comparison was impressive and I felt that I had a much more efficient system.

It has only been a few months since I had the work done and with the cool summer I cannot pinpoint how much the Aeroseal has saved me in dollars. The fact my house is evenly heated and cooled is worth a lot to me.

Mark Benischek - Cedar Rapids, IA

I wanted to let you and the staff know that we are very satisfied with our new furnace and air system. We audited the first full heat/cool season and realized we have over $500.00 in annual savings over our 15 year old high efficiency system. Your installation and service have been professional and courteous. The price quote was the most reasonable. It is a pleasure doing business with Ladco.

Terry Mathiesen - Cedar Rapids, IA

I'd like to thank Aaron, Justin and everyone at Ladco involved in getting my new furnace installed in such a short time frame and before the new year. It's like trading a model-T for a new cadillac. Many thanks.

Rose Elliot - Cedar Rapids, IA

Thank you for getting my furnace fixed. I really appreciate getting it fixed fast (on a hot day). It is so nice to have good neighbors to check on the house. Again, thanks for the prompt service. 

Robert Decker - Cedar Rapids, IA

I was a little nervous with the guys using the door downstairs just to create a mess. I was going to shovel when I knew they were going to use that door and the guys said they would handle it for me. I wil say there was no mess and as soon as they started tracking mud in they took cardboard and put it down on the carpet to cover it. I was more than happy that when they were done there was no mess what so ever. I also wanted to say how much I appreciated having all the paperwork paper clipped together and included in an envelope with their address and stamp. That just made my life so much easier. I can't say enough good things about you and the company that you work for. I am passing your name along with Ladco out for residential insulation of Furnace and Air Conditioners.

Rachel Sagan - Cedar Rapids, IA

Just wanted to send you a note on how pleased I was with the installation of my furnace and A/C. Mike and Matt were very professional and cleaned up as if they were never there. I will recommend you to anyone I may encounter needing a furnace or A/C. You might tell Dave, after meeting and visiting with him and his wife at the Carver weddings this summer, I decided to get a quote from you and I am sure glad I did.

Pat Oliver - Cedar Rapids, IA

I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I arrived home one morning and my house was chilly. Obviously something was wrong with my furnace. I'll have to be candid and say that I called two businesses prior to making the call to Ladco. My mistake. It was 10:50 am on a Tuesday morning and neither busness could help me out that week short of overtime. These businesses advertise their product, but the message came through loud and clear that they were not interested. Then I called Ladco. The business associate who answered the phone couldn't have been nicer. From the warmth in her voice to the positive response to my need. She said she would set up an appointment and I thought, "Here it comes, sometime between noon and 5." Wrong again. She asked if 12:30 pm would be okay and it was more than okay. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. To improve on that, I received a call at 11:50 am saying a repairman had been dispatched to my home. The young man who repaired my furnace was outstanding. He told me what was wrong and what he did to fix the problem. After mentioning "flame" and "gas" in the same sentence, he also reassured me that my house wouldn't blow up. Needless to say, I have been your best advertisement and will make Lado my first call. Thank you!

Maggie York - Cedar Rapids, IA

Thank you for the estimate on repairing my heat pump. Really appreciate your service and technicians. Both have been wonderful!

Gail Handley - Cedar Rapids, IA

In the last few years we have had extensive remodeling done on our home, including everything from combining two bathrooms into one, moving a laundry room, roofing, siding, gutters and downs and insulation. As you can imagine, we had had many different people working here. I can say without hesitation that Mike and Brad from your company are by far the very best I have ever encountered. They are friendly, professional and they don't waste time. They removed their shoes before walking on our carpets without ever being asked. We found them to be efficient, honest, polite, conscientious and very eye-to-eye. Their clean-up after the job was impeccable. In an age when good workers are hard to find, these young men represent Ladco in the very best way possible. They should be commended for the way they work.

Nancy and Barry Brown - Cedar Rapids, IA

We have been working with Ladco, Inc for over 20 years in mostly a design-build capacity and they have always been able to offer innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers. Most recently we worked together on converting an old steel mill into a city market and a 19th century downtown building into apartments and retail. In both cases Ladco, Inc provided new efficiency and comfort options that best suited each unique project. Ladco, Inc is definitely a go-to source for our customer focused HVAC needs.

Dave Drake - Point Builders - Cedar Rapids, IA

We want to thank you for your two servicemen and your schedules for the prompt service and friendly, courteous handling of our furnace repair. We have had a really bad experience with a plumbing company that we are still trying to resolve. We recommend Ladco anytime.

Carol and Jim Cutler - Cedar Rapids, IA

We both want to thank you so very much for the work you have done at our home. Everything was done as promised, completed promptly and is working fine! Given the extremely tight quarters in which the Heating/Air Conditioning System had to be installed, we would have fully understood a decision to omit the humidifier. You measured, ran new pipes and managed to make it all fit AND work well! As our friends in the building (and elsewhere in the Cedar Rapids metro area) need heating and air conditioning work, we will enthusiastically recommend you. If you have potential clients that ask for references based on your work feel free to use our name!

Bill and Merilee Rosberg - Cedar Rapids, IA

You have an A+ with us. I used Ladco and was very happy!

Barbara Greene - Cedar Rapids, IA

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